5 Reasons to Visit The Embellished House This Month


The holidays are quickly approaching which means dinner parties, family events, social gatherings and decorating, lots of decorating! If there is ever a time to spice up the interior of your home it is now, when so much time is spent together cuddled up on couches and around dinner tables. Take your decor craving and spruce up your home with vintage, one-of-a-kind finds at North Scottsdale’s The Embellished House. A recent visit proved tons of new items up for grabs, including multiple, gorgeous tables, perfect for that Thanksgiving feast you have prepared. Take a look below at some of the fun and festive pieces perfect for entertaining or simply just to look at.

1. Decorative pillows that match any style of decor from chic, rustic, minimalist or glamourous.


2. The perfect plates for holiday gatherings. More can be found in store with words such as “Celebrate” and “Enjoy.”


3. Large tables like these are reminiscent of farms and ranches which always mean big family get togethers. There’s enough space for even your largest Thanksgiving dinner.


4. Find rustic tables and desks like this one that relax any sophisticated room in your house.


5. Gorgeous decor pieces like this clock matches perfectly with the colors of the holiday season.



The Embellished House
15551 N Greenway/Hayden Loop
Scottsdale, Arizona


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