The Benefit of Decorating Your Home With Neutral Hues


Neon pops of color and bright patterns in our homes are fun but sometimes our eyes can tire of the loud hues, making a much needed switch to neutrals a must. In fact, a neutral base to begin with makes redecorating easier than ever. While that bright blue accent wall may have been the must-do of last spring, repainting this year probably seems like a pain. Starting with a neutral base on big ticket and big labor items like furniture, wall colors, floors and appliances means the aspects most difficult to change won’t need to be changed. Instead focus your sporadic color addiction of the month to smaller items like pillows, picture frames, artwork and small kitchen utensils like silverware and cups. This allows for an easy swap and easier storage should you choose to return to the color in the future. Neutrals also allow you to move from one style to another. Transform your home from rustic and shabby to modern and chic. Granted, other elements are present in these designs, but having that neutral base will eliminate an extra step during your redecorating efforts.

When you decide to take that redecorating step, make sure to pop into The Embellished House for a variety of furniture and decorating pieces. The North Scottsdale shop specializes in authentic antiques from around the country. The shop has a vintage vibe and both neutral and bright pieces can be found in the store to tone your home down or to amp up the attitude, depending on how you’re feeling for the month. Take a look below at some beautiful neutral based homes for inspiration.

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