The Ultimate Bootcamp In Phoenix

Hello, this is your playground... !
Hello, this is your playground… !

If you ask me, the ultimate bootcamp setting isn’t a gym or a park or even the beach, it’s the ballpark. Chase Field Stadium is a 1,300,000 square foot playground of bleachers and stairs that would exhaust even Rocky – and the setting for Mountainside Fitness Platinum at Chase Field’s Stadium Bootcamp, a twice a week workout that delivers results. Sign me up!

I arrived at the ballpark at 6:01 ready to apologize and drop 20 for my tardiness. But instead of scolding me, instructor Stacy Langer greeted me with a smile and an encouraging – go run. My kind of drill sergeant! My fellow bootcampers had a head start, so I took off around the ballpark, sprinting past the beer and hot dog stands, totally mesmerized by the awesome surroundings. I was running around the ballpark – holy cow!

We ran, we lifted, we lunged, we skipped, we biked
We ran, we lifted, we lunged, we skipped, we biked

I met back up with my fellow bootcampers where I started. The class wasn’t huge; an intimate group of 6 gals and 2 guys, just enough participants to push each other on but still get the personal attention you need (my kind of class!). Stacy then led us through interval rounds of skipping, pushups, walking lunges, stair runs, side squats, triceps pullups and more, always mixing it up between cardio and resistance training. In her 14 years in the fitness industry, Stacy has seen plenty of women afraid to lift and plenty of men who skip cardio for fear it will slim them down. Not true, says Stacy, whose strives to find middle ground between the two to achieve a more balanced body. Another goal of the class is to keep things athletic and energetic: “I think everyone is an athlete and I want to train them like one,” says Stacy. Mission accomplished. I left the 45-minute high-intensity workout feeling strong and sporty. Look out Paul Goldschmidt!

Stacy Langer, our Bootcamp instructor
Stacy Langer, Stadium Bootcamp instructor

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