Take BACK your life!

“She had not known the weight, until she felt the freedom” 

What does this mean….”take back YOUR life”? How do we even get to the point where we do not have control anymore? Many situations can take us to that point and I have probably experienced all of them. I am going to be completely transparent in this blog because I feel like that is the only way to be….open, honest, and fearless. So back to my question…how do we get to the point where we lose control over our own life? Ruled by a relationship, ruled by the scale, ruled by our own thoughts in our head? Slowly but surely….control is lost and we continue down the road of anxiety, fear, self sabotage and negativity.


Think about it, right at this moment you are reading this blog…Do you feel powerless, scared, depressed and self defeated? I am sure all of you reading this have felt this at some point in your life, if not, right at this moment. Scared you were going to binge again, afraid of “gaining weight”…or on the other spectrum of life, afraid of leaving an abusive partner or relationship that is clearly not good for you but you have been verbally beaten to a point that your confused thoughts make it difficult to feel what your instinct is trying to tell you. I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone. You do not have to feel powerless anymore because to tell you the truth….YOU have ALL power.

What does it mean when I say, “YOU have all the power”? You create your own happiness by the thoughts in your head…no single person, no situation can control how YOU feel about yourself. YOU truly have all the power. Don’t let the situation control your daily activities anymore….be it food, the scale, or maybe a vicious, abusive relationship. Do not give it anymore POWER….take it back by taking control of your thoughts.

You can worry and worry all day but honestly the outcome is going to be the same….so why worry about it?  Instead, pray about it, meditate and think positively and you will save yourself a world of stress and anxiety.

I have to remind myself on a daily basis that I am a strong person and turn any fear I have into power….power over my future, power over my happiness and power over negativity that may seep in. Do NOT let fear win….take back your life. No situation has the right to make your life miserable. I have lived in misery in the past because I felt like a prisoner in my own body, not being able to control my eating. I have let relationship situations make me miserable because there were times I felt powerless and let the words (daggers) of others break me down to the point of paralyzation . Why? Because I gave those situations and those people power and control over how I feel. Once you give away your power it leaves you vulnerable …..DO NOT DO THIS!


Take back your life. You are NOT alone….do not be afraid to make the necessary changes in your life to be happy…your health depends on it. If you can take anything from this blog it is to know that life is full of pain, struggle, hardships..but it is also full of joy, happiness and love….learn from the pain so you can appreciate the love!

Love yourself enough to take back your life!!


Thank you so much for reading!

Felicia Romero – owner of Felicia Romero’s Fit Method



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