Stop the Cycle

Definition of Insanity- “Doing the same thing over and over and

expecting different results”


You want to change your body and health but you keep getting caught up in the “cycle” of unhealthy habits. You keep making the same decisions, or should I say, mistakes, when it comes to relationships. You define yourself by how others treat you or “view” you, which inadvertently effects how you feel about yourself. You determine your worth by others and their standards.

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Why? Why let these “cycles” stop you from living a “joyful” life?

 Let’s talk about your health…because I feel this an area of discussion that many would like to conquer and overcome but do not know. Many feel defeated when it comes to food and making a change in their life when it comes to health and weight/fat loss. I have been in the industry as a trainer for over 12 years and the one thing I see that happens to so many is the loss in MOTIVATION! Totally motivated at the start then lose it when they:

  • Not seeing results
  • Make excuses
  • Life gets in the way

Health and fitness has to be motivated by so much more than the external motivations we desire like “tone body, flat tummy etc.”, it must be motivated by the desire for a change from the inside. Self worth and self-acceptance plays hugely into this. When we love ourselves the want and need to be healthy and fuel your body with nutritious foods will no longer be a chore but a reward for your body and health.

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So how do we stop these “cycles”?

  1. Wake up with a positive mindset– With one thought you can change your day!
  2. Start a healthy exercise routine and stick to it– treat it like “me” time and something that you do not want to skimp on. A routine will turn into a healthy habit.
  3. Fuel with good, nutritious foods– choose nutrient dense foods and you will see a change in your energy and mindset
  4. Meditation– being present and in the now will help your mind. Anxiety, overthinking can lead to unhealthy routines of doubt, fear and depression. Don’t get caught up in this!

– Start 5 minutes a day— you will start to feel a difference.

I encourage all of you to start this week! Create a healthy, positive environment for yourself and stop the cycle that has been stopping YOU from living the life YOU deserve!

Watch the video below!!


Thank you so much for reading!

Felicia Romero


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