Monday Fitness Motivation

So on Sunday, I was debating whether or not to go to yoga class. I was feeling a tad tired and wanted to just chill, but in the end yoga one out, mostly because I’d done a lot of eating (mostly cookies) and not a lot of moving throughout the day.

Usually when I’m on the fitness fence, as soon as I get to class the motivation I need starts surging through my blood. But not yesterday. Every chaturanga felt like I was lifting a freight train and every pose felt… well, posed. Needless to say, it wasn’t my best fitness day.

But that’s all behind me today. It’s Monday! Time for a fresh outlook and new and improved motivation. To get me back on track, I’m mapping out my workout week (I input the week’s classes into my calendar) and jumping back on the bikini-ready diet wagon. On today’s roster: a kale breakfast smoothie and a mat Pilates class at The Pilates Body. And when my motivation starts to wane throughout the week, I’ll just take a look at these sweat-like-you-mean-it motivators…

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