Fun Fitness Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is only 10 days away!!! I don’t know about you but I LOVE LOVE receiving and giving fitness related gifts that will help keep me and others motivated in the new year! I have compiled a list of my fitness FAVORITES that  I think you all will love as well….


1. Gaiam Exercise ball chair: This ball is great for those that work in an office setting. Constantly engaging core with this chair, helps with posture and back. Love this exercise ball chair and makes for a great gift because most would never buy for themselves.

exercise ball


2. Fit Bit– an awesome gift that helps to track your fitness. This little and affordable fitness tracker is easy to use, affordable than others and tracks calories , steps, activity, food etc….Helps to keep you on track and on a plan when trying to keep accountable and stick to your fitness goals.

fit bit


3. Six pack bag: this bag makes meal prepping easy! With a built in cooler and a place to put your tupperware. Plenty of room for other items as well…whether you want a duffle, tote or mini cooler….they have it all and in a variety of colors. When you fail to plan you are planning to fail…..give this bag a try!


4. Jay bird headphones: hands down the best blue tooth headphones . NO long cords or tangles, great sound quality and awesome to workout with! Love these and use them everyday….makes for a great gift!






So go out and buy a fitness related gift for a family member or friend! They will be sure to love it!


Thank you so much for reading and Happy Holidays!!


Felicia Romero

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