Box Your Way Fit

Box your way fit!
Boxing is one killer workout

Back in the day, I had a mean right hook… and jab… and one-two combo. That was in my butt-kicking karate days when I was primed for punching, but it’s been awhile. So I was ecstatic to see boxing on the roster at Mountainside Fitness. Sign me up!

I arrived at the boxing ring raring to go. That’s right, Mountainside Pavilions has an actual boxing ring… and punching bags… and a giant wall mural of Mohammed Ali in all his glory. The setting certainly put me in the boxing mindset; so did strapping on the boxing gloves and meeting my co-hitmen: 2 other gals, plus Mark, our hulky instructor. I love small classes like this one. It means you can’t hide in the back of class, and it means plenty of personalized attention – both major motivators!

The Boxing Ring at Mountainside Pavilions...
Check out the Boxing Ring at Mountainside Pavilions…

After a few technique pointers from Mark, we were punching away: Jab, jab, jab… jab/cross, jab/cross, jab/cross. In no time we were throwing combos like pros. My heart-rate skyrocked in seconds… and then came the arm burn. Wowsa! Even my core was screaming (every time you punch, it’s like doing a situp and oblique crunch at once). In short, boxing packs in high-intensity cardio plus major muscle sculpting. And because it takes focus, you get a mental workout too!

Boxing will get you into the zone
Boxing will get you into the zone

The last half of class we cranked up the cardio. Mark even had us doing squats between speed punching rounds. The class is only 30 minutes, but it’s one heck of a workout. We were all huffing and puffing by the end– and beyond proud of our punching prowess.

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