Benefits of Group Personal Training


When I found out about Mountainside Fitness had group personal training classes I was intrigued and had to try it out for myself. Now keep in mind that I regularly work out with my trainer on a one on one basis and love to have a tough workout. I figured it would be a fun change to workout in a different atmosphere. When I walked into the gym I was kindly greeted with friendly faces and was lead to my instructor/trainer Karen from Core Concepts. The class consisted of myself and two other ladies. We were ready to work it!!

We started out boxing on the punching bags for a dynamic warm-up and cardio. I loved it!! Punching the bag not only relieved stress, it was a great burst of cardio. Next, we moved on to upper body with the sled, ropes and push-ups. I love working my upper body and I’m always trying to find new ways to do so. Karen was so awesome at that. We all motivated each other and pushed through to the end. After that we worked our lower body with lunges, step ups, one-legged stand ups and glute push downs. Lets just say my legs were shaking…such a good leg workout! We finished up with core and before you know it, the 30 minutes were over.

Making time to workout is always a challenge, but taking advantage of these awesome group personal training class at Mountainside Fitness, that not only are quick and challenging, the people taking it with you motivate you to push and train harder. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun alternative to classic personal training. For more information and personal training classes check out

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