A Fab Fitness Class For Kids!

The kiddos in Capoeira action


The kiddos in Capoeira action
The kiddos in Capoeira action

Have you heard of Capoeira? It’s a Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music. I took a class a couple years back at Chelsea Piers in NYC and quickly learned that I was in way over my head. My classmates were flying by me (literally) as I struggled to keep up. Lesson learned: Don’t start with an advanced class. Still, I had a blast!

So, I was pretty excited to discover that not only do we have our very own Capoeira studio in Phoenix – Capoeira Brasil Arizona – but as well as a full roster of classes, they offer an intro kids class. So I signed my kids up!

The class is aimed at kids ages 3-7 and it’s taught by Angelique (aka Professora Borboleta) who’s also the founder of Capoeira Brasil Arizona. Now, it takes a special sort of person to teach kids, especially wee ones barely out of diapers – and Angelique’s got it! She has a knack for making kids feel comfortable, and for breaking down complex moves into easily digestible tidbits that kids instantly get. No wonder she’s been teaching Capoeira in the Valley for 10+ years.

This kid has moves
photo courtesy of largophotography.com

I watched from the sidelines as the class – 7 kids total – went through a warm up and a handful of pretty impressive drills. She had them doing choreographed Ginga kicks and complex moves like Bananeira (like a handstand) and Macaco (like a back handspring), not to mention counting and even singing in Portuguese. I can barely get one of my kids to follow directions, yet Angelique managed to hypnotize all 7. It was impressive! Even more impressive was how much the kids walked away with – confidence, co-ordination and some pretty cool moves!

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