6 Booty Boosting Moves


If you’re looking to boost that backside I’m here to share with you 6 booty-busting moves we often neglect. First things first, always use weight, second supersetting is key, and third you don’t need to squat! Below you’ll find some fantastic go-tos to remember while working on those backside goals.

  1. Glute Bridges – This baby will have your booty burning like crazy. By targeting the booty first followed by the hammies and lower back, you will eventual develop that sexy hamstring-to-glute curve. Remember to start light on this move and then work your way up in weight. Starting too heavy may cause other muscles to step in and make up for the weak glute. If you’re feeling the burn somewhere else, drop weight! You’ll also want to make sure you’re pushing up through your heels. Pushing with your toes will cause you to activate the quads instead. Definitely not a muscle you should be focusing on with this move.bridge
  2. Sumo Squats – Hello, Sumo! Not only does this move target your glutes–burn, baby, burn–but it also assists in sculpting a sexy inner thigh. In order for this move to work to its fullest potential always makes sure to lift with your booty first while keeping your back straight, and core tight. Add weight! We’re building a booty here.
  3. Cable Kickbacks – Must. Add. Weight. (You may be noticing a trend here…) This move is definitely a killer. But instead of setting yourself on the ground for this beauty, hit up the cable machine and go heavy. After four weeks of unwavering dedication you will undoubtedly see incredible results. But be careful and keep in mind that you want to use the glute to project the leg out and upward. Extending through your ankle and calf first will just rob your bum of this move’s incredible magic.
  4. Walking Lunge – Strengthen your entire lower body with this exercise. Often found sitting backseat to a squat, this move will allow you to manipulate the area of the bum in which you work. While working your quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes, this booty move is an entire leg sculptor. Don’t forget to add weight for that ultimate booty-building experience.lunge
  5. Deadlift – This powerlifting move will do wondrous things for your backside. Beginning with “dead” weight, the point is to push through your heels while simultaneously pushing up and forward with the hips, squeezing the glute. It’s very important to remember that this move is not supposed engage your back; you want your legs and booty doing the lifting. After you get a hang of proper form, don’t be afraid to add weight. The burn you’ll feel in your bum and hamstrings will have you craving this move every time your at the gym. And like Arnold says, “When it burns, it grows!”
  6.  Bulgarian Split Squat – This compound movement will get you nothing but admirers; both for the backside and your daring attempt to perform the exercise. A very safe move for newbies, you’ll find burning sensations coming from muscles you never knew existed. If you’re no stranger to the gym, add a little weight to these babies and focus on activating your bum when you come up through the movement. Squeeze hard! Can you say booty gains?


If you decide to give these booty boosters a go, you can attempt weighted or unweighted. If you go sans weight, try 15-20 reps for 4 sets; adding weight, hit 12 reps for 4 sets. Remember to adjust your reps according to the weight you’re lifting. For example, if you like to lift heavy drop your reps down to 12–unless, of course, you can do more. If you like to lift light, aim for 15-20 reps. It’s important that you keep track of how much weight you lift every week. Try to increase a few pounds every 7-14 days and do these exercises twice a week for best results.

Also, try to superset these great booty boosters for perpetual booty activation. I like to pair light cable kickbacks, high reps, with heavy sumos, low reps, or vice versa to make sure the booty is working overtime. However, no matter your preference it may serve you well to remember: To change that booty state, you must add weight!


Happy lifting, everyone, and may the Booty Gods be on your side!


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