10 New Ways to Workout (cont’d)

Okay, so I gave you the first 5 yesterday… and today you get the rest. Without further ado, here they are…

6. Rock climbing
Rock Climbing works all the major muscle groups, especially your back, shoulders, hips, arms and legs. If you’re a novice, no worries. Most climbing gyms have a half-hour intro that covers the basics (knot-tying, climbing and belaying), then you’re ready for the real thing. It tests both your physical and mental strength.
Try it: AZ on the Rocks

7. TRX
Rumor has it that J.Lo used this stretchy band-style device to get her pre-pregnancy bod back after twins. No wonder she looked so fab, so fast. A combo fat-burner/muscle-builder, the suspension training uses gravity and your own body weight so you work your abs, back and glutes the entire time. Simply adjusting your body angle changes the resistance.
Try it: Sommet Fitness
IM=X Pilates Studio

8. Boot Camp
Some of us need a drill sergeant to squeeze 20 more sit-ups or 30 more pushups out of us. That’s where bootcamp comes in. Even though each session can be catered to your particular fitness goals, a typical session consists of a combination of cardio (skipping, jumping jacks, sprints) and strength training (pushups, pull-ups, squats). Classes are designed to push your limits and sculpt your body.
Benefits: Improves agility, coordination and speed, tones muscles, builds camaraderie.
Try it: Ultimate Body Boot Camp (they have Stand Up Paddleboarding too!)

9. Gyrotonic
First developed by former dancer Juliu Horvath, Gyrotonic uses a funky apparatus that consists of a series of pulleys to condition your core while improving range of motion. Think of it as a combo of yoga, ballet, gymnastics and Pilates.
Try it: Gyrotonic Scottsdale
Pilates Institute

10. Tabata
A revved up version of interval training developed for Japanese Olympians, Tabata is a 20 seconds on (all out!) and 10 seconds off interval repeated eight times for a total of 4 minutes. Designed to deliver maximum results in the shortest time possible, it’s proven to increase endurance, strengthen muscles and burn more fat than a 60-minute aerobic workout (no joke!).
Try it: WildFire CrossFit

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