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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a huge fan of facials. Give me the choice between a facial and a massage, and I’ll choose facial every time. And now I have even more reason to pamper my complexion: DermaPlaning. This is my new obsession, and Lori-Anne, the gal behind Lori-Anne Aesthetics and my newfound skin glow, is my new favorite person.

What the heck is DermaPlaning, anyhow? It’s kinda like a “shave” using a medical-grade scalpel. The thin blade is carefully glided over your skin to rid the outer dead layers – the ones that make your face look dull and drab. Now, before you freak out, know this: it doesn’t hurt and there’s no downtime or redness. What it does is remove the unwanted fuzz and dead skin cells to reveal the healthy, radiant skin underneath. The result is a fresh-faced glow that will take years off after just one treatment (no joke!). No wonder Lori-Anne regularly DermaPlanes her own skin.

Where the magic happens
Where the magic happens

I had The Deluxe DermaPlane, a 90-minute treatment that includes DermaPlaning, extractions, massage, mask and moisturizer (go big or go home, right!). I savored every second, from the magical arm, hand, back and foot massage to the European-style facial that uses Phytomer products. (See below for Lori-Anne’s top product picks)

I loved every second, mostly because Lori-Anne is so darn likeable. She has the precision of a surgeon and a heart of gold. If she sees that a first-timer needs a little eyebrow shaping, she’ll kindly offer (she’s seriously a brow master); or maybe a paraffin nose treatment to clean out those pesky nose pores. She’s been in the skin biz 20 years (her knowledge shows), yet she has the passion of a first-timer. That’s because she loves what she does and it shows.

At the end of it all, Lori-Anne handed me a mirror and I couldn’t help but smile. My skin glowed. Really glowed! And the benefits didn’t stop there. DermaPlaning helps the skin absorb your at-home products way better and creates the perfect canvas for makeup (it’ll go on better and last longer). Plus it promotes cell turnover. In other words, it’s the facial that keeps on giving!


Lori-Anne’s 4 Fave Phytomer Products

Expert Youth Wrinkle Correction Cream – It optimizes the function of skin stem cells, restoring the skin’s replenishing power


Youth Performance Wrinkle Radiance Serum – Peptides are driven to the stem cells to restore Vitamin C activity


Night Recharge Youth Enhancing Cream – Works at night with your body’s healing/rejuvenating process to firm and re-mineralize, boosting radiancephytomer-recharge-nuit-creme-renfort-jeunesse-1Oligomer Drink Dietary Supplement – It has freeze-dried seaweed + calcium + magnesium, and all the remineralizng properties of seawater to heal you from the inside out!

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  1. I’ve had the Deluxe DermaPlane treatment and absolutely love it. The whole experience is very relaxing and Lori does an awesome job. But the best thing is how my skin looked and felt after the treatment. Fresh, glowing and completely smooth! I will definitely be going back for another treatment.

  2. What a great article!!! I had my 1st dermaplane with Lori 5 years ago & have to say it is the best treatment ever. My skin looks great, has a beautiful glow & actually feels lighter having the dead cells, make up & peach fuzz removed. I am hooked on them.
    After your treatment you will notice that your at home skin care products work better on your clean fresh skin.
    There is no down time & very little redness. This is the perfect thing to do for that special occasion…….wedding, class reunion, girls weekend, vacation or just because.
    Seriously ladies (and gentlemen) call Lori-Anne Aesthetics & pamper yourself with a dermaplane. You will not be disappointed.

  3. I have been a client of Lori-Anne’s for about 3 years now. I have the Deluxe DermaPlane facial done once a month. It is wonderful! It leaves my skin soft, glowing and hair free. My make up goes on beautifully. My skin stays looking and feeling great. She only uses top quality products. Her facial includes a very relaxing neck, arm, hand and foot massage. When you leave it feels more like a total spa experience rather than just a facial!

    She spends time talking with you about your skin concerns and customizes treatments that will benefit your skin the most.

    She is very professional and has a wonderful personality. After you have a facial with Lori-Anne you will definitely want to go back for more!!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you ladies more… Lori-Anne is a skin magician. She took my skin from drab to fab. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

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