The Best Workout Clothes for Guys

Hmmm... what should I wear to the gym today?

Hmmm… what should I wear to the gym today?

I gotta be honest with you guys: your workout wardrobe sucks. I’ve been gym jumping across Phoenix and Scottsdale for the past couple of months, and while the gals have been bringing it, sporting hot pink tights and tailored tanks, the dudes have been a major disappointment. Yes, it could be argued that men don’t have nearly as many brands to choose from, but that’s no excuse for looking schlumpy, especially with these duds to choose from…

Adidas Originals Adi Trefoil Tee
You gotta love a classic – and it doesn’t get much more classic than this. A tee that never goes out of style works at the gym and with a pair of jeans. A must-have!


Lululemon Rise Shorts

Lululemon doesn’t just make women’s butts look better; it elevates men’s backsides too. Plus, the pink drawstring adds a touch of (masculine) flair.

lululemon rise shorts

Number:Lab Board Swim shorts

Guys, pe-lease toss those over-sized, unflattering board shorts that go down to your knees… I beg of you. Upgrade to board shorts that actually fit and flatter.

number lab board shorts

ASICS Core Tank
Tanks are tricky. You don’t want to wear anything that resembles an undershirt or anything that dips too low below the pits/or anything too Jersey Shore-ish/Pauly D. This tank gets a big thumbs up!


Under Armor
Men’s UA Multiplier 10”
Love these shorts. And they go from Camelback Mountain to the the weight room.


MPG Reinforce
On my jacket no-no list: nylon jackets and team jersey jackets… or really anything with a team logo. This jacket is on my yes-yes list. It’s lightweight, water resistant and uber stylish.
mpg jacket

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