Spa Spotlight: Bliss Spa

If Arizona Foothills’ “Best of our Valley” were the Oscars, Bliss Spa at W Scottsdale would have walked away with Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Makeup. They cleaned up in the Spa category. I wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I booked myself a ‘Heel’-lelujah Pedicure, the ultimate treatment for fit feet.

The spa itself is white, bright and jet-setter stylish. It definitely has a New York vibe – and so many prettifying products in the lobby that I felt like a pampered deer in headlights. Picture floating shelves of scrumptious body scrubs, magic moisturizers and taming tools (Bliss’ Lean Machine soothes out dimpled thighs!). After much ‘ohhhing’ and ‘ahhhing,’ I finally made it back to the ladies lounge, a chill space with—OMG are those brownies?!? [pause for chocolate indulgence] Yes, they were brownies! And conveniently cut up into bite-sized pieces so as not to ruin my waistline (although I did eat 2… or so). Plus there were crackers, cheese and cucumber slices – a perfect mini food buffet.

The chill lounge... and where you'll find the brownies!

The chill lounge… and where you’ll find the brownies!

Next up was the feature presentation: My pedicure. I picked a color, a blingy shade from Mariah Carey’s new OPI collection, took my perch on the pedicure throne and submerged my tootsies in a warm sudsy bath. For the next 60 minutes my feet were soaked and scrubbed, my calluses conquered, and my toes pampered and polished—and it was Hallelujah heavenly.

Booking at Bliss earns you dipping rights at the oh-so cool W Scottsdale rooftop pool and access to the gym, but I decided to try out the Bliss steam shower instead which turned out to be the ultimate party for one (shower + steam = fun). The lemon-sage scented hair and shower goodies didn’t hurt. And the fun continued at the get-ready station which was stocked with a bonanza of Bliss products.

Between the brownies, the bevy of yummy-smelling products and the picture-perfect pedicure, the whole spa-tacular experience was… blissful!

Nail bliss!

Nail bliss!

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