All About Ear Candling

The 411 on Ear Candling

The 411 on Ear Candling

Yes, I love a pampered pedicure or fab facial as much as the next gal, but I also luv out-of-the-box spa treatments, especially the ones with a holistic spin (I’ve tried Reiki, Acupuncture, Cupping…). So it should come as no surprise that Ear Candling has been on my to do list for-evah.

If you’re an over achiever and want to go Google “Ear Candling” (aka “Ear Coning”), be my guest… but know that like most age-old alternative therapies, there’s isn’t really any scientific proof backing up the purported claims, namely that ear candling creates a kind of negative pressure that draws out wax, debris, even toxins, and can relieve migraines, sinus infections, swimmer’s ear and ringing in the ears, plus make you breath easier and hear better. For me, the proof is in its longevity. Ear Candling is said to be an ancient Egyptian healing practice and a favorite of Indian cultures as well. It’s been around for ages so there must be some validity to the claims, right? And I guess I have a little Lena Dunham in me, and was more than fascinated with the idea of de-gunking my ear (not that I’m about to jam a Q-tip in there).

So I booked myself in for a 45-minute Ear Coning treatment at Body Beautiful Med Spa & Day Spa, an Arcadia day spa with a neighborhood feel and treatments that cover the gamut from Botox to  B12 shots… and even Manscaping.

The cones are made of 100% muslin coated with   beeswax

The lobby at Body Beautiful

I was greeted by Erin, an esthetician who got certified in ear coning after having the treatment done herself. I slipped of my shoes and got comfy on the treatment bed, one ear up and one down. Erin gently inserted the narrow end of the cone (which is made of 100% muslin coated with filtered Arizona beeswax) into my ear, and when she had it just right, she lit the wider end. Instantly absorbed by the slight hissing and popping sound from the burning, I closed my eyes and relaxed while Erin did a relaxing lymphatic massage on my face, shoulder and arm. The idea is that the heat generated by the flame creates a funnel-like vacuum that sucks all the unwanted guck from your ear. Once ear #1 was done, I flipped over and did the same thing on the other side.

The cones are made of 100% muslin coated with beeswax

The cones are made of 100% muslin coated with beeswax

Yes, I loved the massage and found the whole thing surprisingly relaxing, but the best part by far for me was the after. That’s when Erin, at my request, cut open what was left of the cone so I could see the dodgy debris. I waited with bated breath while she carefully sliced… and there was definitely “stuff” in there.  I’m guessing most of it came from the actual burning of the candle, but the Lena Dunham in me hoped/believed my ear had been purged of impurities by an ancient art that would surely also rid me of any and all body complaints. Okay, so I’m stretching it a little… but I swear I walked out of Body Beautiful breathing easier and hearing a tad crisper.

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