4 Simple Happiness Boosters

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Smiling in the mirror sends a positive message to yourself

Do you want to be happier? No, it’s not a trick question… I mean, who doesn’t want to be happier, right? Okay, so what are you actively doing to make yourself happier? Hmmm… thought so. For instant happiness boosters, I went to Lisa Saper-Bloom, a yoga instructor and massage therapist who helps people heal through yoga, aromatherapy, life coaching and massage. She’s also the author of Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body: A Woman’s Week-by-Week Guide to Emotional Weight Loss. Here, Lisa’s surprisingly simple ways to feel happier in a hurry…

Lisa’s four tips to make EVERY day a HAPPY and HEALTHY day!
1. Wake up and smile!
If you’re like me, the first thing you do after opening your eyes is make your way to the bathroom. The first time you look in the mirror, smile at yourself! Yes, smile! It may feel strange at first since most of us are inclined to criticize our eyes or those wrinkles that appear after a night’s sleep, but think about the message you send your brain and heart while focusing on the negative. Instead, smile, and notice the difference you feel by simply starting your day with a positive message to yourself.

2. Add grapefruit essential oil to your regime. After your shower, add a couple drops of grapefruit essential oil to your body lotion. It’s simple: add ten drops of essential oil to a quarter-sized amount of unscented body lotion and massage into your skin. Citrus oils are uplifting to your mind and relaxing to your body. Sound like a good way to start your day? If so, you can get essential oils locally at Desert Sage Herbs in Mesa or Chakra Four Café in Phoenix. online at www.mountainroseherbs.com. [Note: while I am a HUGE fan of health food stores, essential oils are not their expertise. Oils have a shelf life and go bad if too many people “sample” them. Also, make sure you are not spending the day in the sun. Essential oils are phototoxic; unfortunately you can burn.]

Citrus oils are uplifting to your mind and relaxing to your body
Citrus oils are uplifting to your mind and relaxing to your body

3. Keep a food journal throughout the day. No, not to count fat and calories – although you can count fat and calories if you want. Keeping a food journal can help you identify triggers in your mood. After 20-30 minutes of eating (this includes beverages and snacks), notice how you feel. Has your mood and energy been enhanced? Or has your mood and energy become stale? Taking notice will make you more aware of what you should eat throughout the day to keep a positive mind and upbeat energy.

4. Keep a bedside journal. Simply write down 10 things at the end of each day you are grateful for. This will bring a smile to your face, therefore ending your day the same way you started it!

EXCITING NEWS: Lisa, who is a solution-minded Certified Lifestyle Management and Wellness Coach, has just launched a new coaching venture: Coffee Chat with Lisa. Read all about it here!

Lisa teaches a FREE all-levels yoga class Friday mornings from 8-9am at Tortoise and Hare Sports in Glendale and offers discounted massages on Friday mornings.

Lisa's book: Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body: A Woman's Week-by-Week Guide to Emotional Weight Loss
Lisa’s book: Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body: A Woman’s Week-by-Week Guide to Emotional Weight Loss
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  1. I have also found a BOOST in happiness when I compliment a stranger every day! Seeing someone else smile because of what you said is a great reason for us to smile 🙂

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