16 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

I have a confession: I never stick with my New Year’s resolutions. Sure, I start the year with willpower to spare, but come Valentine’s Day I end up pulling a Tiger Woods (cough, cheating). There was the time I gave up chocolate only to down a plus-size Dairy Milk when no one was looking… or the time I decided to forgo fancy frappuccinos only to fall victim to a Venti vat of caffeine. And I’m not the only one: research says that 37% of resolution-makers ditch their efforts by February.

Well, my days of deprivation are done. Instead of saying goodbye to something I love, this year I’m saying hello to healthy habits… habits that have been shown to improve happiness and health. In other words, I’m setting achievable New Year’s goals that aren’t about subtracting (waistline not included), but about adding… adding to my health and the planet’s health.

So, I resolve to….
*Eat protein in the a.m. (your appetite will thank you all day)
*Try new fitness classes (tops on my list: The Body Lab) http://www.thebodylabaz.com/
*Drink more water (H20 does a body good and satiates appetite)
*Take my time eating (slowing down can cut your portions)
*Schedule more fitness dates (what’s better than burning calories and catching up with friends)
*Hit up the farmer’s market (support local farmers and cut your carbon footprint)
*Go vegetarian at least one day a week (going meatless boosts your health and the planet’s)
*Try a new fruit or veggie (spigarella and squash blossoms, here I come!)
*Snack between meals (between-meal munching means you’re less likely to binge later)
*Eat more fiber (it’s heart-healthy and a weight-loss wonder)
*Splurge on a healthy cookbook (I’ve been eyeing Pure Vegan)
*Floss more (healthy gums are linked to a healthy heart)
*Make a grocery list and weekly eating plan (less chance for cheating)
*Drink green tea (fight cancer, heart disease and hypertension with every sip)
*Eat more fish (Lean protein + omega-3 fatty acids + vitamin D = less chance of heart disease)
*Make more meals (I’m taking the #CookingStreak Challenge)

What are your healthy resolutions? Leave a comment letting me know.

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