5 Fitness Favorites: Toniann Rotante

Toniann Rotante shares her fit faves
Toniann Rotante shares her fit faves

If Toniann Rotante doesn’t have any excuses to squeeze in her workouts, neither should we. The full-time engineer, who also does fitness modeling and hosting, just signed with supplement company RedZoneSupps.com. Not that fitness is anything new to the New Jersey transplant: “It all started in my basement with my dad teaching me how to pitch a softball, continued on through high school and I then became an NCAA Cheerleader at Georgia Tech,” says Toniann. She went on to rock the NPC world as a bikini competitor, repeatedly placing in the top 10. And here Toniann shares all her fit faves with us…

Favorite time to workout…
Right before the lunch crowd comes in at Independence Gym in Scottsdale. You can get in a full leg circuit with no interruptions. Hmmm, I hope that doesn’t change now since I said something lol!

Favorite workout…
My favorite body part to work is the booty. The single biggest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus: it’s amazing to see how it changes with proper diet and exercise. Having a nice backside makes fitness women happy 🙂

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“My favorite body part to work is the booty”

Favorite local trainer…
My favorite local trainers are in Gilbert at AZ Pro Physiques. You can try them out and get a fitness assessment for free!

Favorite local healthy restaurant…
Well, I actually get all of my meals prepared for me by my affordable personal chef. They are a local company called Lifestyle Healthy Foods & Nutrition; without them it would be extremely difficult to stay on track.

Favorite workout wear…
Lululemon. It’s not only my workout wear, it is also my casual wear. I’m part of their R&D team, so it’s my responsibility to spend my paycheck on it, right? RedZoneSupps.com also has a unique line of shirts coming out so make sure ya’ll are following me because they are going to sell out really quick 🙂

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