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I almost always carry an apple with me
I almost always carry an apple with me
I almost always carry an apple with me

I’m kinda ruled by my stomach, especially when it comes to exercise. If I eat right before I workout I feel sluggish… but if I eat too long before my workout I feel sluggish. I have to time it just right… and always carry an apple for emergencies. How I’m sweating also makes a difference. If it’s interval training, I work best with a mini meal about an hour before (like almonds and dried cranberries), followed by a protein-rich post-workout meal (like a quinoa, kale salad with grilled chicken). If it’s hot yoga, I make sure I hydrate before and after with coconut water. And if I’m playing sand volleyball, I whip up a blueberry + peach + Greek yogurt smoothie before and have a healthy meal after… unless we go to a sports bar, and then pizza and beer usually win out.

But enough about me… Below, a celeb trainer, spin instructor and  yoga teacher share their exercise eats…

*What celebrity personal trainer Lucas James eats pre- and post-workout
My favorite pre-training eat is… Quest Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar. I recommend the bar because it’s gluten-free and has 20g carbs, 1g sugar and 20g protein – and will amplify energy levels and reduce glycogen depletion and post-workout cortisol levels.

My favorite post-training eat is… 30-50 grams of chocolate hydrolyzed whey protein powder, 10g of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid), 5g of L-Glutamine and 8oz of unsweetened almond milk mixed into a shaker, followed by 8oz of boneless skinless chicken breast, 6oz of green beans, and 6oz of sweet potatoes. Post-workout meals are the second most important meal of the day next to breakfast and it helps build muscle!

Eat to look like Lucas James
Eat to look like Lucas James

*Rebecca Lammersen, writer, yoga teacher & founder of Yogalution Studio, shares her food philosophy
My favorite pre- and post-yoga eat… I eat what I love and what nourishes me, whether that is oatmeal, eggs, Pretzel M&Ms, a big turkey sandwich with extra pickles, or a grilled cheese shared with my daughter. I believe it is what we think, feel and do that creates wellness of being, more than what we eat.

Rebecca Lammersen feeds her soul
Rebecca Lammersen feeds her soul

*Brian Whitley, spin instructor at The Madison Improvement Club, eats for energy and recovery
My favorite pre-spin eat is… An egg white omelet with veggies. It’s light, easy to make and gives me the energy I need to teach at my best.

My favorite post-spin eat is… A Bigger Yard smoothie at The Madison Improvement Club. It’s made with kale, spinach, mango, pineapple and coconut water. It’s low calorie for a smoothie but refreshing and delicious. If I’m still hungry, I always try to eat any kind of lean protein and more veggies!

Brian's class really is a party on a bike
Brian’s class really is a party on a bike



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