Well Hello Victoria!! 6 Pack Fitness

“Victoria” 6pack bags

For those of you who don’t know who Victoria is, Let me tell you this

Victoria is the Louis Vuitton of the fitness world.  I don’t have much experience with Louis Vuitton but I am proud to say I am now the owner of this 6 Pack Fitness Bag.  6 Pack Fitness has worked tirelessly to bring function and design into the world of fitness gear unlike ever before, and they did a damn good job.

"Victoria" 6pack bags
“Victoria” 6pack bags


Being able to travel fit AND in style?? Yes I’m one happy girl.

And for those of you who find it strange that I have “The Victoria” yet never owned a Louis Vuitton, I’ll leave you with one question, “When was the last time you pulled a piece of chicken out of Louis?”

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