Should You Go Gluten-Free?

Should you go gluten-free?
Should you go gluten-free?
Should you go gluten-free?

I went gluten-free for 7 whole days. It was an experiment to see if gluten was the reason my skin has been breaking out. It’s not. But I did learn a few things on my gluten-free odyssey. Here’s a quick cheat sheet…
What the heck is gluten: Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye
Where is it hiding: As well as the obvious gluten offenders (bread, cupcakes, pizza and cookies), it’s found in everything from salad dressings to soups, even soy sauce
Why go gluten-free: Going gluten-free has been pegged a cure-all for conditions beyond celiac, including ADHD, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema, weight gain, arthritis and acne. Even those who have no real problems digesting gluten can feel healthier and more energetic

Biggest Lesson…. For me, there was one major perk to giving up gluten: I didn’t mindlessly eat sweets or pastries. It made me more aware of what I was putting in my mouth and more accountable for my food choices. It ultimately steered me away from packed foods and cheats towards whole, healthier foods. Gluten-free or not, that’s always a good thing. And now for the food…

3 Gluten-Free Blogs that Rock!
Elana’s PantryI have a serious love affair with Elana’s Pantry. Elana, the gal behind the blog, is a gluten-free genius who made me fall in love with almond flour (if you don’t already have her Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, get it). She proves you can be gluten-free and have your cake too! But it’s not all baked delights; lots of breakfast, dinner, app and snack recipes too.

Yummy Supper – Yummy Supper is another one of my bookmarked faves. In fact, I had not idea it was even gluten-free when I first fell in love with Erin Scott’s blog. The recipes don’t dwell on what’s missing (namely gluten), it’s just a celebration of seasonal, delicious, “Yummy” food and GORG photography. I literally can’t visit the website without salivating over Roasted Cauliflower… or Zucchini Ribbon Pasta… or Hazelnut Cake.  Expect plenty of delicious excuses to get into the kitchen. Bonus: Erin’s first cookbook is coming out in August!

Erin Scott's Yummy Supper cookbook - out in August!
Erin Scott’s Yummy Supper cookbook – out in August!

Gluten-Free Goddess – I’m new to GFG, but it wasn’t tough to fall in love. Blogger Karina discovered she was gluten intolerant in 2001. She may have given up gluten, but no way was she giving up baked goods. The blog serves up lots of baked yummies + over 400 gluten-free recipes (both sweet and savory). Gluten-free folks will love the cheat sheet and baking tips.

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