What’s On Your Fitness Bucket List?

Havasupai, here I come!

I’ve recently been thinking about bucket lists… specifically my fitness bucket list. Do you have one? I have one that I’m constantly adding to, crossing off and updating. It keeps my motivation up. Here’s a peak…

1. Yoga handstand… or headstand (I’m not picky)
I see people in class invert like they’re snapping their fingers… or twiddling their thumbs. Like it takes no effort at all. Yet for me getting my hips and feet over my hands seems like a near-impossible feat… which could be why I haven’t crossed it off my list. (Sidenote: change mental attitude to can-do.)

Handstand, you will be mine
Handstand, you will be mine

2. Try Tracey Anderson Method… and Physique 57… and Soul Cycle
As soon as a celeb endorses a workout, I want to try it. Gwyneth loves Tracey Anderson Method, Kelly Ripa loves Physique 57 and Katie Holmes loves Soul Cycle. Now I just have to get my butt to New York or LA and try them out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Celebs luv SoulCycle
Celebs luv SoulCycle

3. Run another half-marathon
After I had my second kiddo, I pledged to run a half-marathon – and did! I loved every second of the training (I found running very therapeutic), but lost the fire once I completed the race. So I figure the best way to get it back is to run another… maybe this time in Maui… or maybe the Sea Wheeze in Vancouver.

How much fun does the Sea Wheeze look...
How much fun does the Sea Wheeze look…

4. Hike to Havasupai Falls
Five years ago I saw a picture of pure paradise in a magazine. Picture a waterfall cascading in front of red rocks into a pristine pool. It was Havasupai Falls – and right then and there I pledged that I would see the place in person. And guess what: I’m doing it in September!

Havasupai, here I come!
Havasupai, here I come!

So, what’s on your fitness bucket list?

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