Wearables Go Social – Function Meets Fitness with MYZONE


Many take their health and fitness very seriously by hitting the gym with commendable regularity. Many people have even invested in one (if not more) of the plethora of wearable fitness trackers currently on the market. Designed to help monitor heart rate, calories burned, food intake, etc., these high-tech devices seemingly do everything but brush your teeth for you.

With so many choices, each with their own laundry list of functions, it’s hard to imagine not benefitting from their use. But, often times it’s difficult to track overall improvements in personal fitness with these gadgets. 

Recently, MYZONE has made its debut as the next evolution of wearable devices, it tracks and measures your fitness regimen based on a much larger set of variables – including individual effort and real-time parameters, with a decidedly social twist. MYZONE is an innovative heart rate-based system that uses wireless technology to accurately monitor physical activity in real time.

MYZONE’s metrics are based on a user’s maximum heart rate, or beats per minute (BPM) but the difference between zone-based training and MYZONE’s effort-based training is in its ability to adapt to improving fitness levels – and to incentivize you towards loftier fitness goals.y. Anyone wearing a MYZONE device will have their data wirelessly transmitted to the Cloud, smart devices, a MYZONE watch, or your gym’s CCTV system. When used in a group setting, the MYZONE system challenges an individual to perform at their highest level – not the person next to him or her. This means that a not-so-fit person can take on the athlete in the aerobics class and ostensibly put in a better performance based on their unique fitness level, and of course, individual effort.

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