The Hippest Downtown Gym

You’ll love the astroturf area
Mountainside Fitness is right in the ballpark!

The last gym I belonged to was back in the Flintstones’ era when you lifted big rocks and chased dinosaurs. Okay, I’m exaggerating… a little. Still, I was totally blown away by Mountainside Fitness Platinum at Chase Field. Here’s why….

1. It’s in Chase Field. As in right inside the ballpark. It’s the first public health club located inside a professional sporting venue. Ever! How cool is that? But don’t worry, you don’t have to fight the fans to get in – the gym has a private entrance and private parking for members only.

The private entrance
The private entrance

2. It’s high-tech. Yes, it has state-of-the-art equipment, but the true high-tech star is Fitness on Demand. What is it, you ask? Say you can’t make the 6:30 a.m. power yoga or after-work spin class – no problem! With the press of a button you can pick-and-choose from a roster of yoga, Pilates, spin and group exercise classes. The projection screen lowers, the music starts and you get your own personalized class. It’s like having your very own fitness instructor on call.

3. It’s back to basics. Yes, I love high-tech, but you can’t beat tried, tested and true pushups and planks. And there’s an Astroturf area on the lower level set up with ropes, medicine balls and mats just for that.

You'll love the astroturf area
You’ll love the astroturf area

4. It’s motivational. I don’t know about you, but motivational quotes fire me up and fuel my workouts – and they’re scattered all over Platinum at Chase Field. One of my faves: “The body achieves what the mind believes.”

5. It’s not packed. No one wants to lineup for the treadmill or do a packed-to-the-gills group fitness class. ‘Nuff said.

6. It has a sport bar vibe. No matter where you look, there’s a wall-mounted TV broadcasting your favorite live sport, whether it’s tennis quarterfinals or Paul Goldschmidt hitting one outta the park. Of course, you might hear live cheers for that too!

7. It has pre- and post-workout smoothies. The M Café serves up power smoothies, protein bars, fruit and snacks to fuel your workout and your day.

8. It’s right off the light rail. Yes, they have their own private parking lot, but being so close to the light rail makes it all that much more convenient.

9. It has laundry service. Yes, lockers are free for daily use, but you can upgrade to an executive locker that includes laundry service – as in no more schlepping sweaty workout clothes back and forth!

Run up...
Run up…

10. It has a boot camp! This isn’t any old boot camp, it’s a muscle-blasting, belly fat-shedding, bleacher-running boot camp that happens right in Chase Field! You’ll do athletic drills, you’ll run the stadium and you’ll learn nutrition basics. Train 2 x a week for 4 weeks Rocky-style! Cost: $99 for members; $119 for non-members. Starts May 21. Click here to sign up.

...and run down!
…and run down!
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