Taking a Swing at Tennis

By Will White,Tennis Director at Camelback Village Health Club & Spa 








Watching Serena Williams or Roger Federer competing is a thing of beauty – an athleticism born of desire, and of course, practice.  It’s mesmerizing – two opponents swatting a tennis ball back and forth, forcing the other to cover every inch of court, while landing their shots with sharpshooter precision.

If you’re ready to learn a new sport, up your game, improve your cardio, correct some bad habits, or simply watch some local players compete, there are lots of ways to get involved:

The Baseline  

If you’re a beginner, why not start at the beginning? The Village Clubs offers a 4-week series of classes called Try Tennis Today. Whether you’ve never held a racket, or simply need a remedial primer on the basics, this class will teach you the fundamentals – equipment, rules and regulations, proper stroke, and footwork techniques. Upon completion, graduate to league play, or further improve your skills with another 4-week class.

Oh, Solo Mio

If a group situation intimidates you, consider private tennis lessons – or bring your budding tennis partner for semi-private lessons. Your pro will get you hitting balls to evaluate your game, and create a plan for improvement.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Look at Serena’s baseline strokes – fluid, accurate, POWERFUL. That comes from years of hitting balls, but since you’re just now getting started, consider our Ball Machine Clinics. Offered 3–4 times per week throughout the Village Clubs Networks, members not only love these clinics for improving their game, but for expanding their network of tennis players in a fun, friendly environment.

The Way to Wimbledon – Heart Work

Get your heart pumping! Add another form of cardio to your weekly workout with Cardio Tennis. A group class offered 4–5 times per week, Cardio Tennis is a great way to really get your heart pumping, and meet other tennis players in a fun and social environment. Get fit, make friends.


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