Sports Drinks: Hype or Hydration?

The title of the LA Times article immediately grabbed my attention: “Sports Drinks’ Role Often Overplayed.” I’ve never been a fan of those neon-colored concoctions you see guzzled on the sidelines. They’re not good for your teeth (hello, acid erosion), they’re full of sugar (13 teaspoons per 32oz container WOWSA!), that electric hue comes courtesy of artificial colorings —and to cap it off they’re not cheap. Four strikes and you’re more than out. And a new study in the British Medical Journal agrees, saying they barely trump water on the athletic scale. My hydrator of choice: good old fashioned water (you can’t beat it!) and after a hot yoga class I treat myself to coconut water for the natural electrolytes. (Psst: For on-the-go types, Navitas Naturals even has instant coconut water you can make on demand.)

Let me know your thoughts — Sports drinks: love or hate?

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