Sometimes the Universe brings you to your knees, not to punish you, but to help you rise in the RIGHT direction!

Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence. As I sit here writing I think about this statement and how it applies to me and my life. I have been through sadness; but now can truly understand what happiness feels like. The noise I experienced was the negativity surrounding me. I didn’t realize how loud that noise was until I was no longer around the negative and began to have peace in my life and appreciate the silence. The absence I felt was being alone for the first time in my adult life but the absence was necessary to help me appreciate my friends and family that were always by my side.

There have been many sacrifices in my life, but they were all necessary in order for me to achieve the goals I had set. Cardio on a Friday night, not eating at family functions or choosing not to be involved in certain social events because I needed to rest, all served a purpose for the NOW in my life. Sacrifices are sometimes necessary to bring you to your overall goals.

But life can’t be all sacrifice. Sometimes you must sit back and enjoy what you work so hard for….slow down a bit! As my mom would say, “you work so hard but you aren’t slowing down enough to enjoy it.” This is great advice from a woman who set the example for me. When I was at my lowest low she pulled me out of bed, shook some sense into me and reminded me that no one controls my happiness but me; that was the Universe (and my mom) helping me rise in the right direction!

Do you search for happiness with material things, music or people in your life? Why do we search for things to fulfill us? In the past I used material things, be it clothes, purses and nice things to make me happy. I put value on my relationships with others to make me happy and I was always trying to please the other or seek for their approval. I am slowly learning that this will not ultimately fulfill me or make me happy. My happiness must come from within – from my internal being. When this happens I will not only be a better person for myself but I will be totally open for what comes my way and embrace it open heartedly. I have spent the last month searching and searching. I am not sure for what; I feel indecisive about certain parts of my life and very certain and decisive about other parts of my life. But this week I woke up…something clicked in my brain and everything began to make sense. What I have been searching for all along is ME. I am the ONLY one that can make myself happy; I am the ONLY one that can fill my void. I control my happiness!

Knowing this and that my happiness comes from within I can become better in everything I do: My business, my training and my relationships. In business I can control how successful I am and how my business is ran. I control my own stress and my perception of stress. I control my training, even though I have great guidance from trainers; I control how I perform the exercise and how hard I want to push. I’m given direction on what to eat…but I make the choice to follow the plan when the going gets tough. I can control what type of relationship I want to be in…I am no longer looking at being ALONE as a weakness but instead as POWER. I have a choice now and having choices is a very powerful thing.

Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial weekend and know that life is what you make it. Create positive relationships in your life, spend time with family and value yourself.


Happy training and thank you for reading!




Felicia Romero

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