Preparation, the Key to Fitness Success


It’s time to put an ultimate end to the so-called ‘failure point’ in your fitness journey, and time to make some real changes in the future to come, and changes that last more than a week. It’s your health, after all, and it should never be taken lightly. Just like you prepare for your dream job, or your dream house, you must always prepare for your dream health.

Preparation lesson one, ‘meal prep‘. Our intentions are good when picking foods at the grocery store as we consistently opt for the healthiest. But it’s the moment we return home that our intentions are set aflame. Hundreds of dollars begin to spoil in refrigerators and pantries all across the country and we constantly banter with ourselves about what to cook for dinner. Meanwhile there’s a stockpile of food wasting away right in front of our eyes.

What to do now? Make a plan. Before heading out to the grocery store, create a list of meals that will keep you [and your family] on track for the week. Surf Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for all of your favorite fit meals and then off to the grocery store you should venture. Always remember to only buy from your list; you want to give yourself zero room for tumbling off course.

Next step: Once you return home, cook! Prepare your meals for the week (or for two-three days to keep meals nice and fresh) and watch how easy it is to turn down those ruthless sugared treats. When you already have a healthy snack in tow, you’ll be surprised at the willpower and your fiery desire to achieve health greatness. Preparation never fails.

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Lesson two, ‘gym prep‘. Carry a notebook and smother the pages with muscle-grouped exercises you will complete each day to give your goals life. Remember to list out how many sets, reps and weight you will perform for each exercise and stick to your notebook! Keep track for a few weeks and you will undoubtedly see the progress you’ve made both on paper and physically to your body. Stay accountable. Always stay accountable.

These two preps lead us to our last prep lesson, your ‘psychological prep‘. By maintaining an accurate record of food intake and gym routines you will be able to reflect on yourself and get to know your strengths and weaknesses. This will teach you how to adjust your plan for a more successful journey. Realize that everyone’s experience will be different but as long as you came prepared, you will succeed.

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