How to Make a Healthier Cocktail

Wanna make a healthier cocktail... start with flavored vodka
Wanna make a healthier cocktail… start with flavored vodka

I discovered Cucumber Vodka not too long ago and it changed my life. Okay, not that I’m endorsing copious intake of alcohol, but even fit gals want a cocktail every once in awhile (Hello, it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend), so why not make it a drink to remember? And that’s what flavored vodkas deliver: you get a taste blast to go along with the vodka buzz. And cucumber’s only one of many flavors out there. To celebrate my new fave bevvy (vodka has way less calories than other spirits!), and to help you use up all that citrus you just pulled off your trees, here’s a roundup of some fun flavored vodkas made with pure ingredients plus healthier ways to mix ’em…

Square One Basil Vodka
This vodka screams spring… and herb gardens… and basil! Infused with 4 different basil varieties plus coriander, honeysuckle and lemon grass, it’s a garden party in the mouth. I love that Square One is made with super pure ingredients )100% organic American rye + spring mountain water) and that the company has an eco-conscience (labels are made of sustainable sources). Oh, and did I mention it’s super smooth! Also comes in Botanical and Cucumber.
Best mixers: Tart Cherry Juice, lemonade, cranberry juice, muddled strawberries + soda, watermelon juice, orange juice, Gus Extra Dry Ginger Ale

Square One Vodka
Square One Vodka

44º North Mountain Huckleberry Flavored Vodka
I go for boutique brands over big box any day; the quality is just way better. So no surprise that I love 44º North, a handcrafted brand made in Idaho from 100% Idaho potatoes and Rocky Mountain Water. This one is infused with mountain huckleberries for a berry blast! Also comes in Rainier Cherry.
Best mixers: Lemonade, muddled berries + soda, coconut water + lime juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, goji berry juice

44º North Mountain Huckleberry Flavored Vodka
44º North Mountain Huckleberry Flavored Vodka

Tru Organic Vanilla Vodka
Everything that goes into this vodka is certified organic (wohoo!). Organic American wheat + pure water + bourbon vanilla beans combine to create a smooth sip with a hint of sweet. Plus, the company plants a seedling in Central America for every bottle sold. Also comes in Lemon and Garden.
Best mixers: Iced coffee, espresso, blood orange soda

Tru Organic Vanilla Vodka - smooth and slightly sweet!
Tru Organic Vanilla Vodka – smooth and slightly sweet!
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