An Introduction to Indoor Cycling at the Village


Sometimes, the hardest part of an indoor cycling class is showing up. From an outsider’s view, indoor cycle can appear very intimidating. Walking by a studio you’re met with loud music coming from the class in progress, instructor cues mixed in within the rhythm of the music and the students are peddling with ferocious intensity. When riders exit the class they are rosy-cheeked, dripping with perspiration, and smiling with a palpable sense of accomplishment.

What is Indoor Cycle?

Indoor cycling is a group fitness class that can be customized to fit any fitness level. Classes focus on endurance, strength (resistance), intervals, high intensity, and recovery, all done on a stationary or spin bike. The rider is in control of their intensity and cardiovascular output, while the instructor cues the riding format.

Getting Started

I recommend you try at least five classes with different instructors; we vary on personality and ride style. One class can be filled with techno beats and another could be the good old rock and roll or today’s top hits. If you love music, you will find the ride very motivating as you pedal to the rhythm of the beat. You will experience a warm up, the body of the ride, and a finish with cool down and stretching.

Find Your Group

I have observed in many of my classes camaraderie with the other riders. They keep coming and challenging themselves no matter their gender, fitness level or age. The social benefits of indoor cycling for riders can be more than just a place to meet and be with other people who enjoy cycling.

The amazing thing about indoor cycling is that it can benefit participants in a number of ways:

  • Muscular rehabilitation with low impact
  • Cardiovascular workout
  • Cross-training for a triathlon
  • Improve endurance

The Right Gear for Your Ride

What should you bring to class with you? Do you need to wear cycle shorts? While cycle shorts are not required, you should wear comfortable bottoms that won’t ride up as you pedal. Wear fitness tops that will help absorb the sweat and firm-soled athletic shoes or cycle shoes with SPD or universal clips. If you only ride indoors, they will last a very long time. While you don’t have to have cycle shoes, they definitely improve the cycle experience and help you ride more efficiently in and out of the saddle. You might want to grab some towels and definitely bring some form of hydration to sip on throughout the ride. Cycling class is an intense form of cardio and results in a good amount of perspiration for the average person.

At the Village we’re here to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals! Check out the Village’s group fitness schedule. Stop by for a VIP Trial Membership and meet with a personal trainer or contact us today.

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