Gym Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Are you familiar with It’s the Gilt of workout wear, a flash sale site where you can score some seriously discounted workout duds. Their fit finery will inspire you to hit the gym… or the hiking trails… or the barre class, and make you look darn good while doing it. So yes, is a fit fashion “do,” but there are plenty of gym-related fashion don’ts; Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunctions you definitely want to avoid. Thankfully the fit fashionistas at FitFrosting are here to dish on them all to save you from making the worst-dressed list at your gym. So for the love of lycra, avoid these workout fashion faux pas…

Under-Scare. Bikram – dare to bare, but please stay classy. Bottoms that were clearly intended to wear under pants are a serious no-no. Sports bras are totally suitable tops. Guys, puh-lease, NO boxers. Pick something that packs it in, if you know what we mean.

Do be sure your Bikram butt is stylishly covered

Hot Drop Yoga String Along Short
Hot Drop Yoga String Along Short

Take a leaf from Lulu.
Spare yourself – and everyone around you: toss those see-through tights before your seat work becomes a low-grade scandal. Have a ceremonial burning, say a few words, whatever you have to do. They might be your faves, but they’re certainly not doing you any favors.

Do wear tights that haven’t worn out their welcome like these butt flatterers

Nina B. Roze Heart Butt Legging
Nina B. Roze Heart Butt Legging

Barre Feet.
Bellying up to the barre? Rock the socks. Funky feet all over the carpet is about as bad as not wearing flops in the club shower.

Do sport socks when you belly up to the barre

Barre Socks Stripe - Navy
Barre Socks Stripe – Navy

The Short List. Things you should do in running shorts: running, getting your power lift on, bootcamp, Crossfit. Things you shouldn’t do in shorts: pretty much anything else. Pilates, yoga, barre, anything where you run the risk of, ahem, exposure…is a big no-no. The line is clear. Don’t cross it.

Do reserve your running shorts or the right activity

Nike 4” Rival Stretch Woven
Nike 4” Rival Stretch Woven

Beware Of The Bike. Nothing screams nube like wearing running shorts to a spin class. Sure, it looks appropriate, but make that mistake and regret it for a week. Opt for spandex tights or at least some tight shorts under the shorts…otherwise, chafe-city. Your thighs will burn alright, just not in a good way.

Do go wild with an exotic print

Balance Fitwear Fold Over Legging
Balance Fitwear Fold Over Legging


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