Free Fitness Classes at Westgate Entertainment District


Photo Courtesy of: Westgate Entertainment District

By: Hector Salas Almeida

There is nothing quite like getting a good workout while shopping for great deals at your favorite mall; fortunately for those of you who are fitness fanatics and would love to elevate the power walking mall outings to the next step, here is the solution for you.

Westgate Entertainment District is offering fitness classes Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. from September 22 to October 27. The free fitness classes have brought in hundreds of eager participants, but this year promises to crank up volume by offering more classes, giveaways, and entertainment to help draw hundreds more this year.

Strengthen, tone and sculpt your body while having an amazing time with eager individuals who want to get great fitness results while having fun. Sitting at home trying to turn on your TV to put on an INSANITY® or P90X® workout is just not the same. Grab some friends and head to Westgate to make those dreadful workouts in your living room that much more exciting!

Maximize each 2-hour workout with certified fitness instructors who will help reach your fitness goal while a DJ mixes fun, upbeat music to go along with your workout.

If you’re worried about getting left behind or stuck on a workout, worry no more because fitness motivators will work with participants in the crowd who may have some difficulties with the exercises, and help whip them into shape.

Along with teaching INSANITY® , P90X® and ZUMBA®, the free fitness series at Westgate will also include plyometric drills, intervals of strength, power resistance and kickboxing along with yoga and pilates. No equipment or weights needed. The instructors will make sure that you know the proper forms and techniques to ensure you are maximizing each and every workout.

Jessica Kubicki, Director of Marketing at Vestar said that events like these help boost traffic for restaurants and retail shops at Westgate and help strengthen customer loyalty towards the Entertainment District. Kubicki said that the traffic the Tuesday fitness event creates is an added bonus for tenants of the Westgate.

Take advantage of these free workouts while they are available. The cost for fitness regimes and programs like INSANITY® and P90X® are typically high so head over to Westgate to maximize this opportunity and burn off those extra summer calories while having fun.

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