Fall In Love with Tennis

It’s fall competition time in the tennis world! Tennis leagues are in full swing and matches mean more – not just for you, but also for the rest of the team.

Warm Up Well Before Your Tennis Match

It’s important to stretch and warm up before any physical activity, and tennis is no exception. For an effective warm up tennis players can jump on a stationary bike , take a quick jog on a treadmill or hop on a row machine for five minutes prior to coming to the tennis courts to get the blood flowing and your joints lubricated and loosened. It’s also good to know that the Village offers some very specific programs just for the tennis set, such as VFITT – Village Functional Interval Training for Tennis, a small group training program that works on footwork, balance, plyometrics, resistance training, and speed.

Mental Matchup

Tennis is a very hard sport on the body and mind. Players must learn from winning and from losing. Tennis matches act as tests for how well you have practiced and prepared for the challenge, therefore players must mentally prepare for the task at hand. On your walk to the courts, try to ready yourself mentally for the match. Whether it’s practice or a ranked match, you need to get into the best frame of mind for that occasion.

Technical Tennis Strategy

Working with a professional tennis coach can really help you to fine tune your strokes and make sure your technique is on point for your personal game. Play for you, and make sure you understand and utilize your strengths. All players need to be able to own their shots and play like they practice. Learn how to hit through the ball and prepare for the next shot.

Tactical Tennis Preparation

Tennis is not a game of “one and done.” It’s a strategy game, like chess, that involves anticipating the next move. Singles and doubles players are best served by having a plan of attack, which sometimes involves asking yourself the following questions:

  • Have you warmed up your strokes correctly while evaluating your opponent(s)? Try to warm up with directional control to see what side your opponent is weaker on.
  • What shots do you need to hit to make your opponent return the ball you want?
  • What ball do you need to hit to force your opponent to hit short, or even better, what shot do you hit to set up your partner?

The Importance of Post-Match Stretching

Tennis players are notorious for not stretching after a match, but this is a crucial part of the game. After a tough match, the adrenaline will wear off and the heat will slowly move out of those hard-worked muscles, making them tighten up. I suggest using a foam roller to smooth out your tightening muscles. Make sure you hydrate well to avoid cramping, and drink a beverage containing electrolytes.

Sticking to a Routine and Setting Goals

Your tennis match routine is a must to help you get used to the daily grind of being a player. Treat yourself like a pro as best you can by following the pre- and post-match routines. Set your goals in short, medium, and long-term increments. The Village offers a new InBody machine which, with help from a personal trainer, can help you learn about your total body composition.

At the Village we’re here to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals! Stop by for a VIP Trial Membership and meet with a tennis pro or personal trainer to see how you can take steps towards a healthier you.

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