How Exercise Can Help Your Sex Life

Exercising can help you in the bedroom - big time!
Exercising can help you in the bedroom – big time!

In case you missed Part 1, “The Fit Person’s Guide to Sex,” click here. Now for Part 2: The sex benefits of exercise. Turns out that exercise not only does a body good, it does your sex life good too. Here’s now

No more excuses
There are plenty of excuses not to get busy between the sheets, from “I’m too tired” to “I feel fat,” yet regular physical activity crosses both off your list. Exercise gives you increase energy and a hot bod!

Both men and women benefit
Exercise equals enhanced arousal for women (thank better blood flow) and fewer equipment problems for men. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that physically active males had a 30 percent lower risk for erectile dysfunction while a University of British Columbia study found that 20 minutes of exercise spurred greater sexual response in women. And that’s not all. Research shows that exercise may increase sexual drive, sexual activity and sexual satisfaction. Talk about a triple threat!

Get a sexual leg up
Sweating it out in the gym can make you feel oh-so sexy, say researchers at the University of Arkansas. Eighty percent of women and 69 percent of men who worked out four to five days a week rated their sexual performance above average or way above average. Plus, they viewed themselves as more sexually desirable and believed they performed better. Who are we to argue?

The more attractive you feel, the more sex you have
Letting yourself go isn’t exactly an inner aphrodisiac — especially for women. Females who felt they’d become more attractive with time reported an increase in sex, sexual enjoyment and sexual desire, while those who felt more attractive 10 years earlier reported less frequent sex and a drop in desire, says a Pennsylvania State University study that appeared in The Journal of Sex Research.

Sweating it out in the gym can make you feel oh-so sexy
Sweating it out in the gym can make you feel oh-so sexy

Tap into your inner Sting
Trying out Tantric sex? Regular exercise can up your strength, stamina and flexibility so you perform longer.

Tone “down there” for better sex
Not only do squats and crunches prime you for passion, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises can mean extra oh-la-la. Kegels firm the muscles of the vagina for improved muscle control (think grip), blood flow, lubrication and better orgasms. And they’re not just for the ladies. Men can also achieve stronger erections and greater control over ejaculation by exercising their pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Just squeeze (like you’re stopping the flow of urine), hold for three to 10 seconds, release and repeat.

Men aren’t the only visual beings
Listen up guys! If you thought you were the only visual gender, think again. Turns out women are more visually aroused than once thought. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that women’s response to erotic images was just as strong as men’s. Believe us, your six pack won’t go unnoticed.

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