Cholla Trail at Camelback Mountain to Reopen to the Public

Camelback Mountain’s popular hiking trail Cholla Trail will reopen to the public this Friday after undergoing construction and a trailhead realignment project for the past two years. The project brings hikers a safer and more scenic walk to the trailhead, plus amenities such as restrooms, a drinking fountain and bike racks.

The City of Phoenix began the project in 2020 due to safety concerns about the previous trailhead alignment which required hikers to park on Invergordon Road and walk up a path along a city street to access Cholla Trail. However, the path was often crowded and hikers would frequently walk in the street instead. 

Now, a pedestrian entry gate located on the west sidewalks of Invergordon Road give hikers direct access to an alternative route that avoids city streets and provides a more natural hiking experience. 

As of this moment, parking access will continue to be limited to on-street parking on the west side of Invergordon Road; however, the City of Phoenix is exploring the idea of adding additional parking south of Chaparral Road as well as a ride share drop-off zone near the pedestrian entry gate on Invergordon. 

In addition to the new trailhead alignment, The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has worked with award-winning contractor Valley Rain Construction to complete trailhead renovations that will provide hikers with chilled drinking water, restroom facilities and other amenities. The renovation construction, which began the week of November 29, 2020, is expected to be complete September 30, 2022.

The most recent updates from the City of Phoenix provide that the irrigation system is being installed and that much of the trail work and shrub planting is underway while the restroom renovation is near completion. 

Since Cholla Trail’s closure in 2020, a lot of effort has also gone into creating safer hiking conditions throughout the trail, which has included removing unstable boulders and incorporating trail posts so that it is easier for hikers to find their way around. 

Click here to view the City of Phoenix’s complete update of Cholla Trail as well as an illustration of the trailhead realignment plan. 

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