6 Yoga Moves For Different Athletes


Whether you’re a CrossFitter or a long-distance runner, yoga can do wonders when training, recuperating or warming up. Here are some yoga moves and products from Sport Chalet that can help any type of athlete perform better when out on the track, in the ocean or doing the W.O.D.

          Begin with “Downward Dog”: Start practice by bending at the waist and stretching arms and legs out. Press into heels to stretch calves while applying deep pressure into palms for a shoulder stretch. Use a yoga mat with a superior non-slip fabric finish; like the Manduka Black Mat Pro to ensure stability and comfort.

          Ease into stretches: Runners often have tight hamstrings, which makes stretching difficult and uncomfortable. Utilizing a wooden block like the Natural Fitness Bamboo Yoga Block can assist a runner in the “forward fold” pose by removing pressure from the back of the legs and allowing a deeper and more comfortable stretch.

          Protect the wrists: “Chaturanga Dandasana” is an essential pose that targets the upper back, triceps and abdomen. Lower from high plank to low plank squeezing elbows next to the body, making sure to protect wrists with the Stick-e Yoga Wrist Saver, designed to decrease stress in the delicate wrist joint.

          Prep for a workout: Yoga is the perfect way to awaken muscles and work on breathing before starting a long hike. “Cat-cow” pose and a sacrum stretch will help alleviate tension and prepare the body for a long hike. First, find a mat that is easily transportable and won’t weigh down a backpack, like the Natural Fitness ROAM Folding Yoga Mat. Another great option for easily transporting a mat to the yoga studio or the hiking trail is the Manduka GoPlay Yoga Mat Bag, which fits any mat and comes with storage space for other workout necessities. Find a flat surface and position the body on hands and knees, arching the back up like a cat while breathing deeply. Then reverse the stretch.

          Eliminate sweat: Strengthening the legs and abdominals is important to perfecting a CrossFit workout. A useful pose for CrossFitters is “boat” pose, in which athletes engage the abdominals while balancing on the tailbone with legs and torso making a V-shape. To eliminate bacteria after a sweat-induced CrossFit class, use the multi-purpose Manduka eQua Hand Towel, which is super absorbent and quick drying.

          Use a yoga strap: “Strap” poses stretch the upper back and shoulders and can make it easier for swimmers or scuba divers to move in the water. Try sitting on knees and holding the Natural Fitness Hemp Yoga Strap in both hands behind the back, stretching upwards slowly until feeling a deep stretch. If this position is uncomfortable, do the same motion in front of the body and above the head, slowly lowering the strap behind the body.

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