6 Common Fitness Mistakes Solved

Just doing situps is a common ab mistake
Just doing crunches is a common ab mistake

I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet: Mistakes we learn from are lessons, not blunders, and here are a few we can all learn from…

MISTAKE: Do you only do situps to carve your core?
SOLUTION: Mix up your ab exerices for faster results
“Standard crunches can help, but implementing other forms of exercise such as yoga, kettle bell exercises, and TRX training can have a huge impact on whether or not you’re going to be the one at the pool with the 6-pack, or the person drinking one!” ~Matt Bialy, Core Concepts Personal Trainer at Mountainside Fitness Mesa

MISTAKE: Do you think about engaging you glutes when you go for a run?
SOLUTION: Stretch out your hip flexors first to fire up your glutes
Before you step foot on a treadmill or before you hit the pavement, stretch out those hip flexors. Hip flexors move your leg forward while your glutes move it back, but when your hips are tight (blame sitting at a desk all day), you can’t fully activate your glutes. Try a lunge stretch: push the left hip forward and hold for 20 seconds on each leg.

MISTAKE: Do you eat out way too much?
SOLUTION: Prepare your own food
“It’s important to know what you’re eating and how it’s been prepared. Limit outings at restaurants because, trust me, even though an item is listed as “healthy,” it can be saturated in oils/marinades that will drastically increase its calorie content.” ~Jason Smith, founder of Jason Smith Fitness and FIIT (Fast Intense Interval Training)

MISTAKE: Are you getting a mental workout with your gym workout?
SOLUTION: Clear your brain first
The gym isn’t just a workout for your body; it’s a break for your mind. So wipe the mental slate clean and focus on your moves and muscles, not your to-do list. This is an hour devoted just to you, so be in the moment.

Try the TRX for better abs
Try the TRX for better abs

MISTAKE: Is your fitness and nutrition routine way too complicated?
SOLUTION: Keep it simple
“I try to live my life as one big healthy habit, but I know when I keep my eating in check, I just feel so much more energetic and productive. My day begins with 5-10 minutes of quiet visualization. I chose from a variety of salads for lunch, of which Kale salad is my absolute favorite. I love to drink coconut water for its unbelievable health benefits and ensure that I’m constantly drinking water during my day. I always end my day with reading a book, usually on philosophy – and keep the television off!” ~Amen Iseghohi, owner of Amenzone Fitness

MISTAKE: Do you use the same equipment day in and day out?
SOLUTION: Think outside the dumbbells and bars

“Grab a kettle bell instead of a bar, or stand on a Bosu to get your body out of autopilot and back on the fast track to results.” ~Meagen Kribs, personal trainer at Mountainside Fitness Platinum

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