5 Moves to Help You Stop the Cravings

5 Moves to Help You Stop the Cravings

By: Trevor Rose, Trainer at Orangetheory Fitness

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Getting into the “New Year, New You” mentality can be really hard when you’ve been indulging in food cravings for the past few months. In fact, it can feel down right impossible to curb the bad habits and begin treating your body right – permanently.

Did you know that the kind of exercise you do can help reduce your cravings for high-fat foods? Adding resistance training to your workout routine may be all you need to start eating the way your body deserves and getting back on track to achieving the “New You.”


Check out these five moves to help stop your cravings in its tracks.

  1. Medicine Ball Push-up


Want to really work out your core and abdominal muscles while also giving your shoulders and legs a challenge? Add a medicine ball to your push-up and tell those cravings to hit the road.


What to do:


Come to a push-up position on the mat and rest your left hand on your medicine ball with your right hand on the floor. Lower your chest to about an inch off the mat and then come back up. From the extended arm position, move your right hand onto the medicine ball and your left hand onto the mat. Repeat for 6-8 reps on each side.


  1. Bicycles


Although great for working out your abs, bicycles are also very beneficial to your hamstrings and quads. Do them often to help kick away that urge for fatty foods.


What to do:


Lie flat on your back with your hands behind your head supporting your neck. While in a crunch position, lift your left knee in toward your chest with your right leg lifted off the mat and bring your right elbow toward your left knee. Switch sides, bringing your left elbow to your right knee while extending your left leg into the air. Alternate sides in a pedaling motion for 15-20 reps.


  1. Dumbbell Press


A total upper body move, the dumbbell press really targets your chest, shoulders and triceps. Changing the weight distribution on each side of your body also increases your core engagement.


What to do:


Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie back on a flat bench, holding the dumbbells over your chest so that they are barely touching. To reduce your risk of injury, make sure to pull your shoulder blades down and together before you begin. Once you’ve done so, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells down to your chest. Repeat this motion for 8-12 reps.


  1. Front Squat with Shoulder Press


Take the traditional squat move to a whole new level by adding dumbbells. Not only will this move effectively develop and strengthen your glutes and legs, adding dumbbells will work out your upper body as well.


What to do:


Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart and place your dumbbells at shoulder level (palms facing you). Squat down, making sure your chest is up and the weight is on your heels. Then come back up and raise your dumbbells above your head (rotating your palms to face away from you) as you lower your dumbbells back to starting position. Repeat rotation for 12-15 reps.


  1. TRX Push-up


One of the many benefits of working out at Orangetheory Fitness is the opportunity to use equipment such as the suspension unit system. This TRX system provides access to the ultimate resistance exercise move, the TRX push-up. The TRX push-up focuses primarily on the chest muscles but also works the shoulders, triceps and abdominals.


What to do:

Lengthen the suspension unit system straps and grab the handles, facing away from your anchor point. Straighten your arms and grip the handles, extending to shoulder height. Lower your chest toward your hands, but be careful not to go past them, similar to a standard push-up. While lowered, pause for a second and squeeze your arms back together to return to the starting position. Repeat for 12-15 reps.



Trevor Rose Bio

Having lived most of his life in the colder climates of Michigan and Washington, Trevor moved to Arizona in 2012 to take advantage of all that the Valley has to offer. His lifelong passions and interests include fitness training, nutrition, hiking, and on occasion, enjoys playing tennis. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and is committed to continuing education in the areas of nutrition and physiology.


Trevor’s high energy, enthusiasm and friendly personality are apparent after first meeting him. He is driven to help members at all levels of fitness and health set, measure and achieve their goals. He is an experienced fitness professional who is a great listener and is adapt in developing individual and customized programs based upon YOUR goals. What drives him everyday is watching his members at Orangetheory Fitness transform themselves both physically and mentally. Seeing this happen first hand is the most rewarding thing he can ask for. 

OTF - Trevor Rose

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