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We are excited to introduce you to Happy Buddha Hemp. The company is based in Paonia, Colorado, a small yet mighty mountain town about 230 miles West of Denver. 

Something that makes Happy Buddha Hemp unique is we use the Spagyric Extraction Method. Basically what that means is they’re able to extract all 113 beneficial/essential compounds from the hemp plant and recombine them once the hemp is made into tangible products.

This sets them apart from the competition because the recombination of these compounds allows them to work together within the body by maximizing the activation of all parts of the endocannabinoid system.

You can think of it as the purest and effective form of CBD. 
The co-founders of the company, Kate and DJ, are a husband and wife duo who have 20+ years of experience in the hemp industry.

Their goal is to help people whether that’s to relax, manage pain, manage anxiety, etc. in a completely natural way. One of the coolest parts about where the hemp is grown in, it’s grown on 50-year-pesticide-free soil.

They pride themselves on this because when a company says their products are natural, that should mean from the very start to the end product.

Tinctures: Happy Buddha Hemp offers 300, 600, 900, and 2400mg strengths in an earthy or mint flavor. What strength you get depends on the size, tolerance level of the individual. It can easily be put into tea/coffee or directly under your tongue. 

Creams: We have a Lavender Face & Body Cream, the top seller, and their newest cream, the Sports Cream. The Lav Cream is paraben-free and void of any ‘toxic’ preservatives- Lavender Creme is great for those looking for a little thicker topical.

It is the only non-oil based topical they currently offer. It is a very thick lotion and is great for travel and people who want a quicker CBD application since it does not require as long to seep into the skin. Its aromatic scent helps promote the feeling of relaxation and calmness.

The Sports Cream is a whipped lotion that is light and made without parabens. It has a cooling effect and menthol smell that quickly fades. It’s great to use after any physical activity or if you’re sore. 

Topicals: Similar to Tiger Balm. The packaging allows you to use the touch-free applications. Powerful menthol smell that adds a tremendous cooling effect with the added support of warming essential oils. Great for people who are active in sports or do a lot of physical activity.

Oils: Happy Buddha Hemp oils are deeply penetrating moisturization, great for dry skin or people who are looking for a more hands-on approach to pain relief. It works best when massaged into the area for a while.

It makes a great addition to a beauty routine by adding 1-2 tablespoons for a bath or apply to the entire body after a shower. It can also make an excellent deep hair conditioner—an ideal product for couples looking to deepen intimacy and nurturing.

Gummies: Made with natural ingredients and coated in granulated sugar. Great to use before bed! 

Pet products: Happy Buddha Hemp also offers bacon-flavored tinctures and treats for our furry-friends.

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