“Be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.” ~ Charles Dubois



I reiterated this quote over and over again this week. Had me thinking of my journey in this amazing, complicated at times, and overall very blessed life. I truly feel that “life” is these series of events and experiences that prepares you for the next series of events and experiences. So what does it mean to be ready at any moment to sacrifice? I took the month of June and sort of gave myself a “hard reset” throwing out what I know and believe in order to look at all that is around me with a fresh set of eyes and a chance for personal growth. It’s tough looking at yourself critically, but if done with a desire to be better and do better, the outcome can be an amazing and beautiful chance for growth.

I want to connect with you all on different levels other than fitness, mainly because I am honest and transparent and feel that health and fitness can leak over into many other aspects of life


I am ready to sacrifice what I am for what I can become. I work hard everyday with this idea of “sacrifice”. I’m most puzzled though by how many left me as I started living this authentic, honest, boundary driven life.  Do people find it easier to flock when someone is hurting? I’m not sure…. perhaps it was just time for that “hard reset” of things around me.


I am ready for love and partnership. Many ask me…”Why are you single”? Never an easy question to answer. Another observation of mine that made me look around at my life and ask, “What am I waiting for”? Mr. Perfect isn’t out there but there is someone that will respect, hold me on that pedestal, make me laugh and treat me like I deserve to be treated. Being able to sacrifice who I am for who and what I can become is hard in this category of love and personal relationships because giving your heart is risky. My career has risk as well but I can, for the most part, control the outcome, and in love I have been emotionally scarred and afraid to risk and go through it all again. My realization as of late…I am READY…because I would rather love and lose than never feel love at all, and know that I CAN’T control everything and for once in my life have to step away from the driver seat and let HIM guide my way.


I eat healthy, work out and overall live a healthy lifestyle. I have had a “hard reset” in the fitness department as well. Not necessarily with my physical self but more with my mental self. Acceptance, forgiveness, love, focusing on the positive are all areas of growth for me and has taken years of “experiences” to allow me to see this and believe it. It is not an easy “reset” for me and struggle is part of the process but once I started believing it and not just writing about it my physical self started to change for the better as well. It’s not the “I don’t care attitude” that allowed me to get to this amazing point in my life but the “I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself attitude” that got me here.

What I hope you take away from this article is taking a look at your life and examining whether you are truly “READY” to make the changes necessary for what you could become? Whether it be your health, job, personal relationships….they all require some sacrifice. Let’s start living “selfless” and a little less “selfish” and watch your world change for the better.

Good luck and happy training!


Thank you for reading,


Felicia Romero

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