5 Locker Room Time-Savers


The less time in the locker room means more time working out

The less time in the locker room means more time working out

How many times have you rummaged through your gym bag for a hair tie? Or wasted half your workout detangling your earphones? Or spent more time scrubbing out deodorant stains than doing stomach crunches? I’m the gal who loses my keys 5 times a day, so I’m guilty of all of the above… and I’ve learned how to avoid them in the name of calorie burning. The less time you waste in the locker room, the more time you have on the treadmill. Here are 5 time-savers that will stretch your gym session.

Problem: Lugging everything but the kitchen sink to the gym
Solution: Rather than carting around extra clothes, bring only the essentials. Pack the night before so you’re not rushed and don’t overfill your bag which makes finding essentials frustrating. To avoid hunting for hair elastics, designate a pocket.

Problem: Waiting in line forever for a treadmill
Solution: Every gym has a rush hour. Skip the lunch lineups or the after-work influx by exercising at off times. If you only have time for a nooner, be flexible. Hit the free weights if the cardio machines are crowded, or vice versa.

Treadmills taken... then hit the weights

Treadmills taken… then hit the weights

Problem: Tangled earphone cords cramping your style
Solution: Unraveling cords can unravel your patience, not to mention eat up gym time. Tame unruly ear bud cables once and for all with a cord manager. Try The Sinch and live tangle-free!

Problem: Deodorant on your workout or work duds
Solution: To avoid deodorant marks, get dressed before applying antiperspirant or give it a chance to dry before pulling garments overhead. If those pesky white marks still persist, switch to a clear gel base or 100% mineral salt formula, like Crystal Body Deodorant Stick.

Problem: You skipped lunch and you’re starving
Solution: Sidestepping lunch for spin class can leave you sluggish. Rather than missing a meal or giving in to the Golden Arches, plan ahead. Fill an insulated lunch bag with simple grab-and-go snacks like celery and peanut butter, apple and cheese or almonds and Greek yogurt.

Tangle-free ear phones are possible thanks to The Sinch!

Tangle-free ear phones are possible thanks to The Sinch!

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