5 Fitness Favorites: Kim Miller & Shannon Dougherty

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Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty, the duo behind Fit Mom Diet
PHOTO CREDIT: James Patrick, www.jamespatrick.com

Need a dose of momspiration? Check out the photo above of Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty, two ridiculously fit moms (they have 2 kids apiece) and the duo behind Fit Mom Diet. Not that they always looked so svelte and strong. After having kids they were 50 pounds heavier and frustrated – so they took action. They got empowered and got fit, and dropped the weight! Their newfound wisdom inspired them to start Fit Mom Diet, a community designed to empower moms to make healthy changes in their own lives. From meal planning and healthy cooking to get-active tips and workout plans, it’s like a mega-dose of mompsiration – and Kim and Shannon are proof it works. Here, the dynamic duo share all their local fitness faves

Favorite time to workout…
Kim: AM before the day gets away from me. I especially love early morning runs in the fall.

Shannon: Early mornings before my kids are up. I set my alarm for 4:15 am, drink coffee in peace and quiet at home, and then arrive at the gym by 5 am. I’m a better mommy when I’ve completed my workout.

Favorite workout wear…
Kim: I have a few brands I love, but I’m really a Nike girl at heart. I not only love their apparel, but also the vision their company endorses.

Shannon: Lululemon’s Wunder Unders take first place. No other pant compares and sucks you in like these gems. I stick to basic black because I enjoy wearing them outside the gym especially with boots and sweaters. If you don’t like your butt, you will in a pair of Wunder Unders. They are magical!

Favorite local trainer…
Kim: Right now on the top of my list is newcomer to the valley Stacy Langer who currently teaches at Lifetime Fitness in Scottsdale. I’m dedicated to surrounding myself with people who encourage balanced healthy living and positive goal setting and Stacy is great at that. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is contagious. Others who I truly admire include Jeremy Scott at Jeremy Scott Fitness, Dave Dreas and Ben Novak at AZ Training Lab and Scott Keppel and Kelli Michelle at Scott’s Training Systems.

Shannon: Scott Keppel at Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler. He has tremendous knowledge and patience. Scott empowers and educates his clients to feel stronger mentally and physically.

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Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty
PHOTO CREDIT: James Patrick, www.jamespatrick.com

Favorite healthy restaurant…
Kim: Nourish. Their healthy fare is absolutely delicious! Their owner is dedicated to serving a variety of high quality clean eating dishes including some that are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and lactose free. Extra cool that they also offer cooking classes.

Shannon: Pita Jungle. My order is the same every single time: Greek Salad with grilled chicken, feta cheese and dressing on the side, with a few lemon wedges. They don’t skimp on the amount of grilled chicken. Clean and simple!

Favorite Beauty product…
Kim: Neutrogena Body Oil. Great for giving skin a natural shine.

Shannon: I can’t live without Rejuvity Skincare System by Isagenix. It hydrates, illuminates and rejuvenates. My completion has never been this silky smooth. Feels like I go to the spa every morning and night.

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