5 Fitness Favorites: Cassie Gannis

5 Fitness Favorites: Cassie Gannis

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Speed demon Cassie Gannis

Cassie Gannis
first hit the tracks at the age of 10. Now 21, the speed siren has plenty of laps under her seatbelt – and a NASCAR license to race in the NASCAR Super Late Model Series. The Phoenix native is also the youngest female driver to ever race at Tucson Raceway Park and place consistently in the Top 10. Here, she reveals all her local fit favorites…

Favorite calorie-burner…
Racing, of course! There are studies on the effect on the body when you go green versus a yellow caution. On a caution your body remains in a normal state, but on green your body goes into flight or flight response; your vision becomes keener, your reflexes sharper. I lose 7 pounds a race. It’s very important that I carbo-load the day before and really hydrate.

Favorite workout wear…
LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucy and Lululemon!!! I like both for working out, and even mix and match, but my favorite piece is a black jacket from Lucy. It can be casual or I can pair it with a dress. Such a great fit and feel to their fabrics.

Favorite local trainer…
My personal trainer is my sister and she is TOUGH! She coaches me in weight lifting and strengthening my core. She also helps me change things up. One day she’ll have me mountain biking and the next swimming. I workout at the YMCA because I like the feel of the gym and how nice people are there.

Favorite healthy restaurant…
Love My Big Fat Greek Restaurant for lunch and Nello’s for dinner! Really like the chicken caprese with a Greek salad for lunch and a good pizza from Nello’s.

Favorite fit getaway…
I really like Hawaii. I can do activities there I can’t do here, like scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling.

Cassie Gannis

Cassie Gannis

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