Healthy Holiday Wishlist (Part 2)

Sorry to leave you hanging like that. Here’s the full Healthy Holiday Wishlist…

All I want for Christmas…
A new yoga mat

My number-one-can’t-live-without fitness accessory is my Manduka Prolite mat. Why? It’s got great grip, it’s long enough for my lengthy limbs, it’s heavy duty and never once has it bunched up in class. But, it’s about to be retired soon – and in its place I’ve been eyeing the eKO Lite, an eco-friendly version made of natural tree rubber (no PVC!).Bonus: It’s lightweight enough for on-the-go yogis.

Manduka eKO lite, $46

Ear candy
How annoying is it when your headphones fall out of your ears… or go to static when you’re pounding the pavement… or when they just plain hurt? The solution: these badass in-ear headphones by Urbanears. They obviously look the part— the company is Swedish (think Ikea) so you can see why—but do they sound the part? Heck yeah! They’re constructed to reduce noise (check) and eliminate distortion (check)—plus they snap together round your neck when not in use. Bonus: Available in a full-spectrum of funky colors.

Urbanears Bagis Headphones, $35

A plastic-free world
Plastic is my pet-peeve… actually people wasting plastic is my pet peeve. That’s why I ♡ Graze Organic‘s 100% certified organic cotton pouches for carting around my healthy munchables. Yep, they work for the dry stuff like almonds and trail mix, plus they’ll even tote carrots and sandwiches. And the cute designs had me at hello. Bonus: No plastic, no waste, no guilt.

Graze Organic set of 5 sandwich & snack bags, $38

A blender with staying power
I use my Vitamix 5200 every single day – no exaggeration. In the morning I whip up a juicy concoction of grapefruit and kale, in the afternoon I make a protein-packed smoothie with bananas, Greek yogurt and peanut butter, and in the evening I whirls up soups or sauces or cashew milk… or a creamy avocado-chocolate dessert (yum!). It’s well used and well loved—and it’s the must-have kitchen accessory for health-minded foodies.

Vitamix 5200, $449

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  • Adriana says:

    I think these things will be definitely needed when we are spending holidays. Fitness is the most important thing during holidays. It gives us strength as well as power to work. So everybody should do some exercise in day to day life.

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