How Do You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Scott Keppel

Scott Keppel in action! photo by Allan Henry/

Scott Keppel in action! photo by Allan Henry/

Do you make healthy holiday resolutions every year only to break them at the buffet table? If you had Scott Keppel as your coach, chances are you’d rise above the temptation. Scott is the founder and owner of Scott’s Training Systems (STS), a personalized program that helps clients achieve the body of their dreams (just ask Kim Dolan and Shannon Dougherty). Here, the top trainer shares his best healthy holiday tips….

Try Tabata training.
A quick and efficient workout, Tabata training allows you to increase strength and cardiovascular endurance while you burn a ton of calories. Choose an exercise and perform reps for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds between sets (4-8 sets per). Choose movements that work several muscles (like squats) to burn even more!

Reduce calories throughout the day. Going to a party? Cut back on your calories throughout the day to give yourself a little buffer when you go out. Don’t skip a meal, rather reduce serving sizes. This will help you from going over… or at least keep it close to your total calories.

Watch the booze. Too much alcohol will not only make you sluggish the next day, the foods you eat while drinking it up become a waste. Your body will not utilize the foods efficiently until the alcohol is gone, so keep it to 2 drinks or less.

Squeeze in a 10-minute workout. Choose two exercises and go back and forth between the two, performing 2 reps and increasing by 2 reps each time up until you hit 14 reps, then back down. Keep going back and forth for 10 minutes. This will get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories.

Have a partner. Find someone who can help keep you accountable. Have them meet you at the gym, park, mountain, wherever to assure you get your workout in. Knowing you need to meet someone helps people stay focused.

Don’t go for seconds. If you are going to indulge, keep it to a minimum. Try a little, watch the serving sizes, but don’t go back for more. Depriving yourself doesn’t work, but over indulgencing doesn’t either. Moderation is key!

Scott Keppel

Scott Keppel

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