9 Easy Ways to Detox Post-Holidays

We have a great detox tea for you

We have a great detox tea for you

I’m not going to tell you how many cookies I ate over the holidays. I actually lost count after cookie #7… and now I’m left with a major sugar hangover (why is it that the more sugar you eat, the more you crave?) and a major need to detox. I did a 2 day juice cleanse pre-holiday (read all about it here), so post-holidays I’m looking to detox alternatives. So I rounded up a slew of detox suggestions, tips and recipes so we can all kickstart the New Year off on a lighter, healthier note. Here goes…

1. A detox tea that rocks!

2. Spa time! 5 detoxifying spa treatments that’ll renew your body and mind

3. Yoga instructor Shaelyn McCole shares her go-to Ayurvedic stew recipe

4. A detox eating plan anyone can follow from holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton

Yes, spa treatments can relax and detox you too!

Yes, spa treatments can relax and detox you too!

5. A delish way to eat mineral-packed seaweed

6. Cupping: Detox like the celebs

7. Nutrition and kitchen coach Cate Munroe shares her favorite skinny foods

8. Gwyneth Paltrow’s fave ways to detox. Find out what the actress eats to detox, from Super Greens Juice to Broccoli & Arugula Soup

9. A delish salad recipe that doesn’t taste like detoxing at all

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