OdySea Aquarium to Welcome Mighty Mike, America’s Biggest Alligator

Go big this Memorial Day Weekend as OdySea Aquarium welcomes Mighty Mike, America’s biggest alligator. Weighing a whopping 800 pounds and spanning 14 feet, Mighty Mike is longer than most cars and can even take down a turkey in a single gulp.

The impressive reptile will be here for a year, but guests can catch first sight of him during Memorial Day Weekend for the official launch.

“Mighty Mike, an ambassador for his species, will provide families visiting OdySea Aquarium with a unique opportunity to better understand the American alligator. He’s a marvel with his massive jaws, rows of teeth, and powerful tail. But his incredible size and stature is what makes him memorable to guests.  You can’t completely grasp how large Mighty Mike is until you see him in person!”

Greg Charbeneau, Vice President and General Manager, OdySea Aquarium

Mighty Mike is included with the price of admission.

For tickets and more information, visit: odyseaaquarium.com

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