Ms. Sparks

Genre: Tech house, minimal, techno

Country: United States

Whether sharing her sound with the crowd from behind the decks, poring over her laptop in the studio or just boppin’ around the house to some tunes, Ms. Sparks can most likely be found indulging in her lifelong passion for music.

Ms. Sparks began to familiarize herself with the ins and outs of music at the age of eight, when she began to study classical piano and went on to learn several instruments by the time she reached high school, at which time she got her first taste of electronic music. Not one to be swept off her feet, she listened to anything and everything she could get her hands on, slowly but surely familiarizing herself with the music she would come to love, but at the time, felt was missing something.

As it turns out, the music was not lacking, but Ms. Sparks was missing out on a key ingredient she only found upon leaving home to attend university in New York City. There, she experienced electronic music as she never had before, finally getting a taste of a truly vibrant electronic music scene and immersing herself in the underground atmosphere that cemented her love for the music. Now, having returned home to pay her dues and take her place in AZ’s growing electronic scene, Ms. Sparks carries that experience and love around in her back pocket, using them as inspiration to craft her own sound, drawing on everything from her favored minimal and tech house sounds to groovin’ progressive, funky breaks and everything in between. And she is, of course, always more than happy to share her music with wanting ears through her monthly BOP! mix and at events around AZ, including her weekly residency at Circuit in her hometown of Scottsdale.

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