Locally Based International Film Company Releasing Timely, Uplifting Movie

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Applied Art Productions, an international film company based out of Chandler, has completed an uplifting feature film about the coronavirus. Anti-Coronavirus Movie is a 70-min. film shot in Arizona and depicting the story of Bruce, a man who returns from an anniversary trip to Italy carrying the virus and his journey through it while trying to keep his family safe.

“Because this pandemic is causing a lot of suffering across the world, I felt it was important to bring people an uplifting story of hope and love. Our incredible cast and crew did an amazing job of bringing that message to life in this movie.”

Mitesh Patel, Story Writer, Producer and Director of Anti-Coronavirus Movie

The film consists of just 11 cast and crew members and was completed in seven days (while following the CDC’s sanitation and prevention guidelines). The movie’s screenwriter Randal Lee Smith drafted the script in just one week with extensive research and consultation from a local doctor.

The film stars Keith Lopez and Tina Marie Nigro as Bruce and Laura Gunther. Their family members, daughter Naomi and son-in-law James are played by Courtney Asher and John Carr. Granddaughters Allie and Sarah are played by Harper Wasnesky and Bali Bare. The production members included cinematographer Bernie Tarin, composer Simone Cilio and editor Roger Cooper.

The group acquired all proper filming permits, employed the use of gloves during production and increased cleaning of set locations and props. Days after filming wrapped, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced a stay-at-home order for all citizens in nonessential business fields.

The film’s release date is yet to be announced.

For more information, including the trailer and more, visit anticoronavirusmovie.com.

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